Welcome to my piece of the internet.

Recently, I’ve begun wanting to share some of my photos with my family and friends but haven’t had a great avenue for it; email is cumbersome for files, Facebook isn’t for me, and I like my privacy too much to use a public service (though WordPress has a very unrestricted terms of service).

So, I looked around at different solutions (gallery is great btw) but decide that I could use a blog to not only show others my photos but also maybe get feedback on them or start discussion with them.

As well, I do some complicated tech things that need to be written down and later accessible. So I thought why not post them in a blog, like so many others, and maybe save someone else some time.

So you should expect to see some photos, some thoughts, and some tech stuff. If you find it interesting enough, or have comments, please feel free to drop a note.

Oh and “Out Of Memory” just applies to so much around me and about me, I thought it applicable.



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