Small Update

Hope the holidays treated you well!

The last several months have been super quiet for us activity wise. Work has been a bear lately with a lot of stress and a lot of hassle and the new year is looking like more of the same. I’ve never been one to have their job get to them but this is has been a rough ride. I’m looking at some down time soon which will be very welcome and hopefully generate some pictures too.

Even though it feels like forever-ago, our Christmas was fantastic. We had lots of time with family and friends mostly visiting and getting to spend time.

Beside work, the new year is shaping up to be a good one. We have some talk of a climbing trip in April to start the season and then as much climbing and camping as we can fit in over the rest of the Summer. Tracy will be in school for part of the summer but should be able to get out atleast a little.

I know its a little early to start planning for things in the Summer but I’m hoping with a little planning that I’ll actually be able to eat up some of my 38 days of vacation… that amount of vacation time takes some planning otherwise I end up carrying every year. Also having an idea of when I’m going somewhere I can book camp sites ahead easily.

Hopefully we’ll be more active soon with some more photos to share. Until then, take care!


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