A blog neglected

Over the last while my enthusiasm for blogging has waned… I guess I’m pointing out the obvious here.

I haven’t had the motivation to get on here to post. I have a ton of photos from the summer to process and then I’ll have some stories to tell. For the last month though I have had no drive for getting in and editing and I haven’t actually touched my camera in over a month, except to clean it and charge the battery. I guess I’m taking a break for now, not an intended break, but that’s whats happening.

Anyway, things are good with us and life is moving along nicely. We are climbing a ton and getting out to see friends fairly regularly.

We had the chance to get up and visit with my parents last weekend for a good visit and belated thanksgiving dinner. We finally cooked a giant ham we had been saving for a special occasion and it turned out to be even larger than we thought. Six of us ate all we could, I gave some to Mom and Dad and then we still took three and a half pounds home with us. Now we get to make soup and other delicious meals with the remains.

I hope things are good on your end and as soon as my motivation returns I’ll have some pics to post.

Take care!

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