Mid Summer Update

Hey Hey!

I know it’s been quite some time since the last post but I’m still here, just much less frequently than in the past. I enjoy writing, I’ve just been terrible at making it happen. After three years of posting, taking a break once in a while isn’t so bad. Hopefully there are still some people reading this…

This has been a great Summer; the weather has been unbelievable and we’ve been out enjoying it as much as possible. July was packed with so many events and August is booked up with more adventures and things to look forward to.

Tracy’s adventuring has been a little limited because of a terrible sprained ankle which is getting better by the day but still hinders her mobility. Lots of physiotherapy and ice has done wonders though so a full recovery is in sight. She’s a trooper and comes out for as much as she can manage without re-injuring herself. Climbing has been off the agenda until this past weekend but now that she’s back to it I think recovery should be quick.

In July we celebrated my Niece’s first birthday and then I was off to start celebrating my own with a beer fest and dinner with friends. The following weekend Tracy and I got out camping at Lake Cowichan for a few days. The next weekend was our good friend’s Carolien and Bruce’s wedding in Vancouver. The following weekend I made it out to Mt Wells on the north end of Victoria for an afternoon of climbing.

For the Long weekend in August I travelled up to Strathcona park (west of Campbell River) for a three day climbing trip with a couple friends. At the beginning of that trip I got to spend a day with Clayton which was awesome. I haven’t seen him in person in almost three years so I really enjoyed catching up.

I was looking through Lightroom catelog and see there are quite a few little trips and things since the Spring that I haven’t gotten through yet so I have a lot more to post here in the next while.

For now here are the photos from the past month and a bit.

Hope that things are going well on your end and I’ll do my best to post some more updates sooner rather than later.


Kathryn’s First Birthday (gallery, slideshow):

My Birthday (gallery, slideshow):

Check out the comments in the full slideshow link for a little beer fest story :)

A nice lady offered to take this photo of us and then got all bossy… Tracy bought this cake for my birthday which was probably the best black forest cake I've ever had.

Bruce and Carolien’s Wedding (gallery, slideshow):

Crest Creek Climbing Weekend (gallery, slideshow):

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