What a difference a window makes!

Okay I’ve been a lazy blogger this last while and although I would like to write more I just haven’t been doing that much to “write home about”. The winter is usually a hibernation time for me so I don’t do much out of the routine but the days are getting longer and the weather is warming up (I was just outside in shorts and a t-shirt) so more adventures are just around the corner.

Work has been going really well this past while and it’s gotten a lot better since I changed offices. For the last 2.5 years I’ve been stuck in a windowless internal office which was less than stellar and was really effecting my mood. When I moved in there I was told that it would only be for a couple years and then we would change around. So when the two year mark came and went without so much as a word about it, I started asking questions about when and where…

Eventually a co-worker agreed to switch with me and the move happened last week. I have to say that it is a far superior situation to what I had before; I have a window that gets morning sun and stays nice and bright all day long. I’m still in the basement of the building but the view isn’t what I was after, I just need light. I’m sure that after my co-worker spends two plus years in the hole he’ll understand.

Other than that things are going pretty well with some interesting trips planned for the Spring and Summer. My arm injury is getting better all the time but it’s still a little painful here and there. If someone had told me it would take this long to heal I wouldn’t have believed them, but my massage therapist says this is normal for the damage that I caused…. lesson learned.

I hope that things are going well on your end and I hope to be posting again soon.

Over the past while I have shot a few things so here they are:

Pics from the last while (gallery, slideshow):

I like this stuff though it looks messy...A local kitchen store does a chocolate tasting every other week… sooo goodMy friend April asked me to help her out with a portrait for a websiteOld office in basementNew office in basement - you'll note this one is much better :)Office with a view.

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