An unfortunate start to 2013

Not much to report around here these days. The start to the new year has been a little quiet mostly due to Tracy and I getting sick with flu/colds that wouldn’t go away… So lots of time spent in doors feeling less than awesome.

As a result the picture taking opportunities have been limited, though, with luck I’ll get over this latest cold in time for the weekend and it will be sunny… a lot of luck.

I do have five whole photos to share! I forgot to caption them so I’ll quickly explain:

  • Cats are always willing to have their pictures taken.
  • The giant bowl is carved from a single piece of jade… about 4 feet wide at it’s widest.
  • Cookies I promised to make for Tracy while she was sick with the flu which were great… didn’t even burn them.
  • The book showed up in the Psychology Department addressed to Dr. Michael Cave… they called to see if it was me. Turns out to be the book I was published in and they sent a copy to all of the authors. That kinda made my week.

Also decided it was time to change the theme again (let me know what you think).

Hope things are well on your end and you’re avoiding the sick thats going around.


January 2013 (gallery, slideshow):


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  1. Davin February 18, 2013

    Hey congrats on being in a book!! Sweet.

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