2852 Kilometers + 14 Days + 1 Engagement = Nova Scotia Road Trip

So finally have all the pictures processed and laid out… I guess they have been for about a week now but I’ve been either fighting the flu or procrastinating on getting things done. I’m not actually sure why I’ve been procrastinating on this project at all. I really enjoyed the processing (even though due to some problems I had to process them all three times) and learned a ton. Maybe I just like to procrastinate…

Anyway… The Trip!

So much to say … i’ll try and keep it short.

Last August, we headed to Nova Scotia with Brad and Marie for a two week road trip around a province none of us had spent any time in. The trip was broken into two pieces.

For the first week we rented a beach house just south of Halifax in a little town called, Hubbards. We used this as home base for day trips around the south part of the province. We travelled to Lunnenburg (where the Bluenose is moored), Peggies Cove, Acadia University, Digby and of course Halifax. We enjoyed a couple afternoons at the beach relaxing (in the fog mind you… apparently thats just normal on the east coast)¬†and making sure the entire trip wasn’t spent in a car or rushing from one location to the next.

The second part of the trip was our drive to the north touring Cape Breton. We drove up the east coast of all the way through Sherbrook and stayed the first night in Baddeck. From there we started on the Cabot Trail around the north where we stayed in Cape Hope and explored around the very north for an afternoon (discovering St Margarets Bay, and Meat Cove which was way out in the middle of nowhere). The next day we headed down to Sydney and into Fort Louisbourg. If you ever have the chance to visit this Fort you must go as it might have been the highlight of our trip as far as attractions go. There was so much to see and do we could have spent two days there.

Tracy and I also had the fortune of witnessing to our friends Brad and Marie get engaged which was awesome and we couldn’t be happier for them.

We had such an great time with two of our best friends just enjoying the summer in a great part of Canada.  Thanks for a great time Murry and Be-rad.

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Hope you enjoy them!

Nova Scotia – August 2012 (Gallery, Slideshow)

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